All-Natural Dog Food

Raw, frozen trim and organ meats from local grass-fed beef are now available in 10-lb bags for $20/bag. Supplies are limited! Please contact us by phone or email to reserve your order.

May 10, 2022: Updates to Fees

Please note that the fee structure for slaughter and cutting services has been changed, effective immediately. New fees may apply on your upcoming bookings; please review the Meat Processing fees for your bookings and contact us with any questions.

April 1: Updates to Deadlines & Fees

cutting orders are now due when your livestock is delivered for slaughter. Animals processed without a cutting order will be cut according to our standard order.the fee for heavily tagged animals is now $50.a condemnation fee of slaughter fee + $100 disposal fee will...

June 1: Updates to Cutting Orders

Our beef and pork cutting orders have been updated!Download new copies of the forms here. A reminder that processing prices increased on February 1.Please see current pricing information...

We’re Hiring: Meat Wrapper

We’re Hiring:  Meat Wrapper Join our close-knit team in a fast-paced work environment. Our operations involve both the slaughter of livestock and the further-processing (cutting and wrapping to order) of meat. We’re committed to the humane treatment of animals,...