Custom Meat Orders

Looking for local meats?  We’ve got an up-close and personal understanding of the different kinds of meats available and the different methods used to produce them in our neck of the woods.  Talk to us about your preferences and we’ll help connect you with farmers raising meat the way you like it. 

Please contact us in advance to place your cash & carry orders for:

  • Sides of Beef – average 300 – 350 lbs:  $4.79/lb cut, wrapped & frozen to order
  • Sides of Pork – approximately 100 lbs:  $3.80/lb cut, wrapped & frozen to order
  • BBQ Pigs – 100 lbs and under:   $4.99/lb
  • BBQ Pigs – over 100 lbs:  $3.99/lb
  • Lambs – approx. 40 lbs:  $300.00 each, cut, wrapped & frozen to order
  • Goats – depend upon market availability, please call for current pricing.

Looking for smaller orders?  Contact us directly about Split sides, Fronts & Hinds.


Love our product? We offer restaurants custom patty-making, so their secret recipes stay secret, but with a little less work. Enjoy secret recipe burgers crafted by us at Mario’s Bowl, Beaux Daddy’s, Apple Chipotle’s, Madhouse, The Stanley Tavern, Timbers (Valhalla Inn) and Aramark Lakehead University!



Locally-Made Patty Boxes

Beef Patties

Our Special Recipe Beef Burgers Are Perfect for BBQ or Grill-Top! Available in 3 patty sizes.

  • 4-oz patties: Box of 42.  $50.00
  • 6-oz patties:  Box of 36.  $60.00
  • 8-oz patties:  Box of 25.  $60.00

Wholesale pricing available, please inquire.

Ingredients: ground beef, dehydrated onion, textured vegetable protein, salt, pepper.   Gluten-free.  

Turkey Patties

Juicy and lean!

  • 6-oz patties: Box of 36.  $95.00

Bison Patties

Rich and flavourful.

  • 6-oz patties:  Box of 36.  $125.00