February 1 Price Update

Please note new pricing on the following items as of February 1, 2021:

  • Beef slaughter fees
  • Surcharge for heavily tagged animals
  • Pork slaughter fees
  • Beef & pork cut/wrap
  • Lamb/goat slaughter fee
  • Lamb/goat cut/wrap/freeze

More information on meat processing.

We’re Hiring:  Butcher Apprentice

If you’re interested in learning how to cut meat, this job will teach you the age-old art of butchery from the beginning to the end.

Custom Meat Orders

Our beef, turkey and bison patty boxes are made right here and available to the public.

Contact us for information on wholesale meats, sides of local beef and pork; lamb, goat and BBQ pigs.

Form Downloads

Download the paperwork you’ll need if you’re having meat processed with us:

  • Cutting order forms
  • PigTrace Movement Report
  • Record of Livestock Movement